$1 and $2 Fundraisers

Our Signature Chocolates Gourmet $1 Chocolate Bars are big on taste and value! These bars are Certified Peanut Free, Gluten Free, and Kosher! The bars are 1.5 ounces which brings you a bigger bar with a better bigger taste than our competitors at the same cost per bar. Made with fresh, delicious ingredients from our original, secret recipe, our chocolate will leave you and your friends wishing for another fundraiser!

No one can resist the taste of lollipops with more than 10 fruity-licious flavors to choose from. Makes this fundraiser simple, easy, and tasty. Made in the USA with all American ingredients and is packaged with 480 pops (8 bags of 60 count) per case.

Sour Power® has been making kids pucker since 1985. We’ve turned the classic into a mouth-watering, puckerific hard candy with the exclusive Super Sour Powers® Hard Candy. These crave-able candies may be super sour, but they won’t sour your fundraising event. Instead they’ll bring a punch of sweet profit to your organization.

Experience the sweet flavors of our EXCLUSIVE new candy product – licorice Cables® with a twist. Offered in two flavors – Sour Strawberry and Blue Raspberry, each pack includes delicious licorice cables wrapped around a creamy filling. For only $2 each, they are sure to be a product that brings sweet profits to any fundraiser.

Our Signature Chocolates Gummy Bears bring a soft gummy flavor explosion in your mouth. With a choice between regular gummy bears and sour gummy bears in a 2.85 ounce bag you’re sure to win. Sweet or sour, we’ve got you covered. Our popular gummy bears are offered as a stand-alone carrier product or as part of the $2 Funtastic Collection.

Want to offer more than chocolates? No problem, Signature delivers with our Funtastic Collection – a sweet combination of Gummy Bears and Signature Chocolate Bars. Can’t decide between Chocolate Bars and Gummy Bears? Your fundraiser will be sure to be Funtastic!

Everybody loves popcorn, and this fundraising eye-catcher offers more to love than ever. Each carrier holds 30 bags of popcorn for sale. Either our Sweet and Savory mix with 10 bags each of White Cheddar, Chicago Mix, Caramel or our Spicy and Sweet mix with 10 bags each of Kettle, Caramel and Jalapeño flavors. All the awesomeness of popcorn with no trans-fats, GMO’s, gluten or high fructose corn syrup!

Our Signature Chocolates Gourmet $2 Chocolate bar provides your fundraiser with extra – extra chocolate in a bigger bar and extra profits! Available in five rich flavors, these bars are also Certified Peanut free, Gluten free, and Kosher! Each bar is 2.4 ounces which means an even bigger bar with an even better bigger taste.

Our Premium Gourmet collection offers more chocolate treats with our best-selling Chocolate Bars. Chocolate Covered Almonds, creamy Caramel Mini Bites, Mint Mini Bites combined with $2 Almond, Caramel, and Rice Chocolate bars, this carrier pack is our #1 best-selling line. Bonus – Certified Peanut Free, Gluten Free and Kosher.

In the mood for some chocolate covered almonds? Our chocolate covered almonds are so addictive it’s hard to stop. We’ve packed them in a 2.25 oz. box so they are the perfect sized snack. We slow roast the almonds, then cover them with dreamy rich milk chocolate. Always a crowd pleaser and at only $2 a box, a fantastic value that will add profits to your next fundraiser.

Signature Chocolates GiggleJigs have 4 clusters of pecans and caramel giggling in milk chocolate and it’s $3 price is sure to bring a smile to your face. GiggleJigs are gluten free and a kosher snack.