The Top 10 Reasons to Choose
America’s Choice Fundraisers

1 - Our FUNdraisers Start with FUN

Nobody get can your fundraiser off to a more exciting start than America’s Choice Fundraisers – and we keep the good times rolling all the way through!

2 - Mind Blowing Incentives!

We celebrate success in a big way here at America’s Choice Fundraisers. Our amazing incentives include the multiple attractions of our mind blowing Party Royale as well as other ongoing incentives and rewards.

3 - Better Kick-Offs

Get ready for fun and excitement when you schedule your fundraising kick-off with us. Our kick-offs are the ultimate “pep rally” for firing up your whole school and getting you primed for a successful campaign!

4 - First Class Customer Service

From personalized parent letters and products guarantees to bilingual help through our toll-free customer service line, we’re behind your fundraising efforts 100%!

5 - No Startup Costs

Hey, you’re doing this because you need to MAKE money, right? ACF makes it easier to get your fundraiser up and running by requiring no up-front startup costs!

6 - We Have a Proven Record of Success

We’ve helped RGV schools raise over ten million dollars over the years, so you can trust our track record!

7 - We Make It Easy

Our streamlined, computerized order processing and sales procedures reduce the hassle for your administrators and teachers!

8 - We Invest in Improvement

We re-invest our profits into bigger/better/newer products, events and rewards for YOUR continued fundraising success!

9 - We're Part of the Community

We live and work right here in the Rio Grande Valley, so you know we care about RGV kids and schools as much as you do.

10 - A Year-Round Resource

We don’t just help you with that big annual fundraiser – we can also provide you with a steady stream of in hand sale products, expert advice and moral support all year round!